Skin Treatments

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Spa Facials:

These facials are designed to provide a relaxing & pampering experience while achieving desired results.

Approximately 60-75 minutes in length

Antioxidant Age-Reversal Facial - $120  Working to slow the natural aging process of the skin using plant stem cells, vitamin C & correcting hydroxy acids. We also combine Microdermabrasion & our award winning collagen stimulating Red LED Light Therapy session!

Stem Cell Nutritional Facial - $110  Designed as a preventive skin aging maintenance treatment. Great for skin in age ranges 20's and 30's. Using plant derived stem cells to achieve a healthy, balanced complexion.

Brilliance Vitamin C Facial - $105  Combining the latest innovations in skin lightening technology to correct most forms of hyper pigmentation ( dark spots, age spots ) Detoxifying warm Himalayan stones are used for a soothing facial/lymphatic drainage massage. 

Oxygen Glo Hydration Facial-

Regular ($95) or Ultimate ($115 includes Microdermabrasion for extra Glo)

- Bring back your skin's youthful radiance & a healthy drink of hydration with this oxygen enzyme treatment. Perfect right before important events, weddings, reunions, pictures, etc.

Diamonds & Gold Luxury Facial - $130  Come unwind from life's stresses with this fabulous anti-aging treatment wrapped together with a flute of Champagne, Diamond Microdermabrasion, 24K Gold firming masque, hot stone foot massage, neck & shoulder massage. Not recommended if you have nickle/ metal allergies

 Rezenerate Nano Anti-Aging Facial - $130  Using the latest NANO technology, this patented treatment tool combines science & beauty to provide painless & immediate results with no downtime. Improves fine lines, hydration, blemishes, pigmentation. Includes a soothing masque & award winning LED Light Therapy.

B Clear Purifying Facial - $110  Perfect for treating oily acne prone skin. Combines powerful anti-bacterial peptides & salicylic acids along with soothing botanicals. Includes award winning Blue LED Therapy plus High Frequency to calm inflammation & redness. * Receive 50% off trial Clear Cell Skincare Kit with this service!*

B Calm Facial - $105  A soothing, cooling/hydrating treatment designed to calm red, inflamed, sensitive or rosacea prone skin types. 

Men's SkinFit Facial - $120  Ultimate anti-aging treatment designed for men's skin. Includes Microdermabrasion, Award winning Red LED Light Therapy, High Frequency, neck & shoulder massage.


Clinical Treatments:

Save Time & Money with our results focused, shorter sessions! No Fuss, No Fluff.

Approximately 30-45 minutes in length

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment - $70 Zero Downtime. Promotes smoother, more even skin tone. Softens wrinkles, fine lines, age/spots & old acne scarring. Includes vitamin recovery masque.

Resurfacing Treatment - $70Resurfacing Treatments are customized to condition & correct specific skin concerns: dull dry skin, uneven skin color or spots, wrinkles, fine lines or acne conditions. 

Micro-Peel Treatment - $90  Designed for more advanced results. Combing Microdermabrasion with a Resurfacing Treatment in one session. Great for dark spots, photo-aging, mild acne even sensitive skin. 

Anti-Aging or Acne Healing LED Light Therapy Session - $20 - 20 min. / $30 - 30 min. Our award winning holistic LED Light Therapy designed to firm, tone rejuvenate the skin stimulating collagen production along with killing acne causing bacteria. Scientifically proven to improve the skin.

The Eye Rejuvenation Treatment - $45  Designed specifically to treat the eye area. Using Microcurrent Lifting technology along with a collagen imbedding serum. This lifts, softens wrinkle depth, de-puffs & brightens the eye area.

The Lip Plumper Treatment - $45 This treatment is all about the lips! Smooths & minimizes fine lines & wrinkles while naturally plumping & hydrating the entire lip area. Includes exfoliating scrub, Microcurrent  technology. Receive 20% off any of our Lip Treatment products if purchased with this service!

Radiance Refresher Treatment - $49  Providing the skin with a double-deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation & bio molecular recovery sheet masque. Great as a quick pick me up for tired, dry, dull or sensitive skin. Not recommended for active acne!

Men's SkinFit Refresher Treatment - $70  Designed to maintain a man's skin health. Using Microdermabrasion & bacteria-killing, skin soothing High Frequency. 

The Pore Cleaner - $49 Cleansing & Extractions only. Effectively cleans out clogged pores, removes blackheads & kills bacteria. Great for teens & adults suffering from congested skin or in-between facial treatments.

NEW! ADD-ON a 30 minute Microcurrent Muscle Sculpting Session to any Facial Treatment for Lifting, Tightening & Plumping benefits! This will rejuvenate the appearance of the face/neck in just one session! Only $59

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All Facial Treatments must be done separately from any Facial Waxing Services due to increased skin sensitivity from hair removal! We recommend allowing 5-7 days between the two services to allow skin time to relax.